A revolution in building roads



Imagine that roads in the future still have a construction period of days rather than months. That way lasts about three times longer. That maintenance and traffic belong to the past and that the cable and pipe problem and the urban water problems are solved at once.

This may seem like a scenario for the distant future, but nothing is less true. KWS, a company Volker Wessels, Wavin and Total are working together on the development of plastic roads or Plastic Road. The Plastic Road elements are designed so that they are completely circularly applicable, where the objective is to use recycled plastic as much as possible.

Main advantages of Plastic Road

  • A lightweight prefabricated structure

  • Faster construction (less months) and reduced maintenance time

  • Higher quality and longer life (more homogeneous and prefabricated)

  • Little to no maintenance. The material is virtually unaffected by conditions such as weather and weeds.

  • The innovation is significantly more durable. The aim is to consist Plastic Road from 100% recycled plastic and plastic, and fully reusable was. The concept fits seamlessly with the philosophy of Cradle to Cradle and the principles of the circular economy.

  • Double space. The hollow space in the structure can be used as water storage and as a space for the passage of cables and pipes.

  • Possibility of constant (traffic) safety and drainage

  • Everything on and prefabricated can be built around the road (marking, guardrail)

  • The concept offers opportunities for further innovation. Think of solar road, lampposts and traffic loops.

  • Contribution to the social problem of plastic waste

More information on the PlasticRoad concept, including video and images, can be found at www.plasticroad.eu


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