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WhatsApp rolled out the new Status feature for its billion plus users on Thursday night. This is major feature update, and it adds to WhatsApp some sort of social media functionality that apps like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat, from where this feature is ripped off, already have. But then WhatsApp is not supposed to be social media app so we don't know how the Status feature will be perceived, and used by users. From the early impression, it seems that WhatsApp status is a pretty neat feature. Unfortunately, it also ruins one of the most under-appreciated and yet useful feature -- the good old Status.


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"The new WhatsApp Status feature means you are supposed to take only 24-hour holiday, can be sad or happy for only 24 hours, can be busy only for 24 hours, can be in love for only 24 hours, can fight with your friends for only 24 hours"

This ability to tell your WhatsApp contacts what about your "status" is now gone, replaced by the new WhatsApp Status feature, which won't let you set a text message as a status and won't let you keep the "status" for more than 24 hours. And you must do it with an image or a video.

Whatsapp copying Snapchat ???

The interesting part is that WhatsApp would have added the new feature without removing the older. The new feature is like the Instagram updates. Or the Snapchat updates. It is totally different from the kind of functionality and purpose that the older Status feature served. It was a benign, often out of sight, feature that was unobtrusive and yet useful. With the new feature the only thing it shares is the name. Everything else was different about it. yet, it has been given an axe. And that just doesn't make sense from a user's point of view.

Didn’t Like The New Update Of WhatsApp?

Here Is How To Rollback To Old WhatsApp On Non-rooted Android Device

As we have said the company won’t allow you to downgrade messaging app once you upgrade it. Fortunately, you can download and install the older version of WhatsApp from a third party source. Now let us just discuss the steps to successfully installing the messaging app:

  • First of all, go to Settings > Security and toggle the switch “on” for Unknown Sources, now you will be able to install apps from third-party sources.


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  • A popup will show up on screen prompting you about the risk of installing apps from third-party sources. I want to prompt you also to tap Ok on your own risk.


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  • Now open WhatsApp and go to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup and create a backup of all your chatting history. It might take some time.


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  • Then uninstall the WhatsApp in your Application Manager.

  • Open any of your browsers and Open this link in new tab. According to us, the WhatsApp v2.17.77 would be a decent choice if you want to rollback. Look for the same version APK file and download it.

  • After the download, completion goes to the Download folder in File Manager and tap on the WhatsApp APK file that you just downloaded. On next screen tap on Install button, aand installation will begin.


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  • After the installation, run the app, accept the Terms & Conditions, verify the contact number, restore the backup and done.

So now you know the method to rollback to an older version of WhatsApp.

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"Happy News is that whatsapp accepted to add status feature again on upcoming updates"

Next article on whatsapp may soon get unsend and edit message option.

Please do at your own risk We are not responsible for any loss of data. Make sure do backup and restore to get back all chats and conversations again

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